exhibition space 2003-2004
organized by Ellie Ga, Meredyth Sparks, Bryan Savitz

October 2003:
We are pleased to announce the opening of year, a new art space in DUMBO, Brooklyn. YEAR is a not-for-profit, artist-run space in the Gair Building at 88 Front Street, whose inaugural show, entitled All That Was Not Then, openened on Friday, October 17. YEAR is dedicated to providing a forum for emerging artists in which to execute new projects in an experimental, noncommercial venue. YEAR’s focus on group exhibitions, primarily chosen by guest curators, allows for a fluent exchange of ideas and the possibility for continually shifting positions, free from idiosyncratic taste.

Year was a donated storefront space, donated for one year. The building was then gutted and converted to million dollar condominiums.

     Year storefrontYear storefront during demolition, 2004 Year, room 1Year, room 1 during demolition, 2004