Cataloguing information and locations for Reports an exhibition of objects on long-term loan since 2007 in the archives of The Explorers Club, New York

Ellie Ga, David Adamo, and Cathleen Chaffee, curators

with work by:
Lieven de Boeck, Becket Bowes, Tina Burton, Barb Choit, Alexander Costello, David Kennedy Cutler, Cory D'Augustine, Christoph Fink, Ellie Ga, Gabrielle Giattino, Matthew Gribbon, Mike Henry, Tom Holmes, Beth Howe, Jenny Marketou, Megan McLarney, Haley Mellin, Andrea Merkx, Aleksandra Mir, Filip Noterdaeme, Frank Olive, Rudolf Stingel, Tris Vonna-Michell, Jordan Wolfson, and the participants of the microexplorers club

Download finding aid for the exhibition here