# 90-C001 / March 9 – 13, 2006
with: Katia Bassanini & Claudia Peña, Rebecca Bird & Matthew Thurber, Ellie Ga, Andrea Merkx of the Love Loves and Megan Pflug
curated by Gabrielle Giattino

This year for the armory show, the S I’s booth will be activated by a number of emerging artists who will host the booth on a rotating schedule. The small box of a booth will be the platform for interactive and performative projects from Megan Pflug’s hand crochet workshops and Rebecca Bird & Thurber’s ‘LANDY Coloring Station’ to an information bureau about the explorer’s club with Ellie Ga, an artist ‘on loan’ from her residency at the aforementioned uptown club. Katia Bassanini and Claudia Peña’s ‘Bureau Of Anchovies And Waste Investigation’ will keep tabs on galleries’ garbage and, connecting the booth to the S I gallery, Andrea Merkx will film herself performing as the singer of her band The Love Loves. The footage will be projected during the band’s performance at the Lonely Hearts After Party at the S I on the Saturday night of the fair.

Each day a different combination of the five artists in residence projects will occur, and will recur throughout the five days of the fair. Viewers will have the chance to collaborate and interact with artists, finding different projects each time they pass the booth or revisiting projects already seen, getting pertinent updates and progress reports.

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